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Love is the answer

diambil dari Star, Rabu 31 Oktober 2007

It has been the stuff of great romantic novels and blokbuster films. Doctors have long suspected it. A study of 9,000 British sivil servantas has at last established it is possible to die of a "broken heart".

The study, reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine in England, found the stress and anxiety of hostile, angry relationship can boost the risk of developing heart disease.

Chances of a heart attack or chest pain rose by 34% compared to people on good terms with their spouse or partner.

"A person's heart condition seems to be influenced by negative intimate relatinship", researchers wrote, "We showed that the negative aspects of close relationship .. are associated with coronary heart disease".

What it likely boils down it is stress - a well-known contributor to health problems as well as a potential by- product of troubled relationship,they said.

Othes research has shown more social connections can mean a healthier life- what is called teh "protective effect" - but few studies have looked at how close friendships or marriage affect health, said Roberto De Vogli, an epidemiologist at University College London, who led the study.

The researcher studied civil servants who completed questionnaires about negative aspects of their relationship- which included a spouse or close friend - between 1989 and 1990 or between 1985 and 1988.

The questions asked whether people had emotional support, a chance to talk with someone about problems or whether they could count on a partner or close friend for something as simple as a ride to the grocery store, De Vogli said.

Then team followed up over a 12- year period and found that people who reported that arguments, critism and other types of conflict were comman had a 34% greater risk of heart attacks or chest pain.

When teh researchers stripped out risk factors such as obesity, smoking, drinking abd family history, the chance of heart attack was still 23% higher, De Vogli said.

"If you have good people around, it is good for your health", he said. "If you have negative palyed a role in the severity of a heart attack.

"It seems clear from this analysis that no matter if positive aspects of social relationship are having a significants protective effect, the negative impacts seems far stronger". De Vogli added. "people continually replay negative experiences".

Ending a bad marriege s not necessarily the answer either, he said, given evidence that being unmarried could also be a risk.

Bertatih nak menyiapkan tulisan kot omputeh ni. Moga-moga memberi manfaat pada semua. So sayangi mereka di keliling kita, hargai mereka, bagi sahabat2 yang dah kawin pakat-pakat amik hati satu sama lain. Hari2 yang dilalui adalah hari kasih sayang

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